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4...3...2...1 LIFTOFF!


This upcoming fall semester brings exciting changes to 1910 PR!

Firstly, the course is now upper level (MCOM 4321) and it is now hybrid (meaning in person one day and online on the other- more on that in a minute).

1910 PR has always provided students with awesome hands-on experience in PR while also serving the university and the greater Canyon/Amarillo community through social media management, content creation and event planning. Now it is an upper level class to better reflect the amount and quality of work done by our


You still get 3 credits, but now with the 4000-level designation, the course will help

students achieve their upper-level residency requirement

Cue all the countdown vibes.

We’ve all had to undergo some changes this past year, and 1910 PR was no exception. Staff meetings went from in person to all online in 2020 and spring 2021, so this will be a big shift back to FAC 260 as a compromise between the two.

MCOM 4321 will meet from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, but the Tuesday class will be in person (room 260 in the Fine Arts Complex) and online on Thursday.

Although there are some big changes, there are some consistencies also. 1910 PR will continue their iPad initiative (students should be able to check out an iPad Pro for the semester) and they will continue providing PRSSA membership for staff members.

T-13 days until launch-er, I mean the fall semester!

P.S. peep these awesome graphics and videos our summer interns made.


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