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Finally, Something that isn't Basic


Here’s the thing: I was already a senior before I joined 1910 PR. So, up until this course, my college career was full of basic classes: basic audio, basic video, intro to this, intro to that.

When I found myself in 1910 PR, I was expecting the first few classes to be an overview of the basics of public relations. I had no idea we were going to be starting client work immediately!

I was so unprepared—and honestly taken aback—to be thrown into this fire so quickly.

Little did I know, I loved the fire. Between writing news releases, learning how to read social media analytics, and hosting events, I really became a part of a team. Podcasts. Real-world exercises. Design projects. Through all of it, I became a better teammate.

The most valuable lesson I learned while working with 1910 PR was that anyone—even people you only indirectly collaborate with—can be affected by your work. You must work fast, efficiently, and be open and ready to adapt to any situation.

1910 PR has been the highlight of my college experience.

I was very unsure of my future after graduation before joining this team, and now I know the exact career field I want to join. The skills, new and old, that I’ve added to my tool belt are going to set me apart as a great asset to any firm. And that isn’t basic.


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