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My Experience with 1910 PR

by Natalia Araiza, Associate

In my almost full semester with 1910 PR, I have learned so much. From the very beginning of all this, I had no idea what I was getting myself into because I have never taken a “hands-on” online class where you actually get to be creative and not just turn in assignments like some other classes I have taken.

Being in 1910 PR has been an eye opener into the real world of what I may experience in my future career.

Starting off with this class, I didn’t even know what a leader was and had no experience with any news releases. One major fact I learned—these will never be perfect, but when we all put our minds together, we make it become easy to read without all the unnecessary words. I have also learned what can capture a person's eye while reading these news releases and what you can do to improve them.

With graphic design, I had never worked on anything like Canva, Adobe Express, or any other type of graphic designing website, so I knew I was going to need improvement there from the start. Over time with the 15-minute practice that we would have with our weekly meetings, I felt like I got an idea on how it started working. I have gotten feedback from Dr. Kinsky and my peers to help me improve. I think that this was one of my favorite things to do in this class because, outside of class, I pay attention to what grabs my eye. #writing #designing #Canva #AdobeExpress



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