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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone


I was very intrigued about WT’s Bateman Team after hearing about the experience that two of my friends had in the previous semester. I was a little hesitant about the workload when I decided to join Bateman for my last semester of college, but it was the best decision that I could’ve made. I had the dream team to work with! And for the first time, the Bateman Team was part of 1910 PR this spring.

For most of my academic career, I have been wrapped up within video production and news. As a result, joining Bateman and meeting with 1910 PR once a week was a huge learning experience for me. At the beginning of our campaign, we were given more information each day, and it was a bit confusing, to be honest. As we learned more about our client, the 2020 Census, I started to grow a passion for what we were working on and promoting. It was exciting to talk with students about the Census, and the experience gained from hosting events was beneficial and fulfilling.

Similar to many other peoples' experiences, COVID-19 changed everything. The pandemic required us to adjust the remainder of our campaign and the creation of our book for the Bateman competition. Despite the challenges, our team pushed through, and we were able to have 15 online meetings so that we could finish our book. We were determined!

Our workload never really felt like true work thanks to this amazing team and our fun assignment. It was a great example of good communication within a team to accomplish a goal.

Joining Bateman and 1910 PR brought me out of my comfort zone, but I am so happy I reached out and learned more about public relations. What a great experience!



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