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A Real-World Experience

by Meredith Simpson, account team leader

Going into my senior year at WT, as well as being an online-only student and working full time, I expected the usual lecture and discussion board when joining the staff at 1910 PR. I am thankful Zoom was offered as a tool to connect me with other remote students and students on campus.

I have learned so much in my years at WT, but there is something different about this class. It's not just a class. It's a real-world experience. I am already in the workforce; however, our professors have created an environment that is comparable to a simulation.

Without being micromanaged, but still feeling supported, I had the opportunity to step into a team leader role and help keep our team on track. Working in social media has always been a dream job of mine, and being able to create content for real clients who have real expectations was the push I needed to learn new skills as well as discover my likes and dislikes. These skills can be transferred to my current job.

During college, professors try to emphasize deadlines and how crucial they are in the real world. In 1910, these deadlines felt more critical than other classes I have taken. I have loved working with my team for a common goal, but it has also been helpful to work with other teams, collaborating on different elements to reach one similar finish line. In any job, it's important that you are able to clearly communicate during meetings, as well as work across departments.

I have enjoyed my time with 1910. I will carry the things I've learned with me for years to come.



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