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Being The New Kid In 1910 PR


I am a 29-year-old married mother to an awesome little boy, and this year I decided to go back to college. That is also how I ended up as an Associate at the student-run firm, 1910 PR.

Going back to college later in life is pretty intimidating; things have changed a lot in the almost 10 years that I haven't been in school, but getting to watch such motivated young students run a firm like they have been doing it their whole lives is so inspiring.

These young professionals work so hard to prove that they have what it takes to earn their clients' business. They work long hours to make sure that every little detail is to the exact specification that the clients need. They are getting real-world, hands-on experience by doing so.

Watching them work has made me want to work harder myself, and I'm learning so much from my fellow associates.

Before Joining 1910 PR, I had only read news articles, press releases, and blogs, but now I'm writing them for others to read and it's a surreal feeling.

I've learned how to plan large, professional events, graphic design skills, and video editing tips. If you have ever thought about pursuing public relations for your future, I highly recommend this organization to you.

Not only will you make some awesome new friends but you will learn life-long skills that have the potential to take you far in life, as well.



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