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Extraordinary Value to Students

by Dawn Marshall, Associate

Dawn Marshall

In the beginning of the 1910 PR fall session, I must admit I did not know what to expect. I was shocked to hear the instructor refer to the students as staff. After the first assignment, which was to create a logo that would combine the partnership of Education Credit Union and WTAMU, I realized this was more than another project submitted for a grade. The logo would be used for stationery and office décor. This was more like a project with a great responsibility of building a brand.

Shortly after the third campaign, I realized how important our thoughts and creations were to our clients.

Eventually we formed groups in 1910 PR that were broken up to complete many tasks all at once. My group was called Team Orange. We covered Distinguished Lecture Series campaigns to promote speakers and events by publishing through social media, news releases, and emails.

promotional graphic created for a Distinguished Lecture Series event in October 2022
Graphic design by Dawn Marshall

What I enjoyed most about 1910 PR was how a group of students living in different areas, age groups and various backgrounds joined together to share ideas and thoughts that will create one great masterpiece.

This type of talent is surely a great start to spearheading projects in corporate America and holding leadership roles.

I'm very proud of the new techniques that I have learned through social media, Adobe Express and Slack. I will share these techniques with the organization that I work with and have already used these platforms for my day-to-day work duties.

Who knew that students in a public relations course could bring extraordinary value to business clients?



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