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Leading a Team Through a Crisis


I never thought this semester would end up the way it did. I knew my last semester at WT would be a hard one, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult.

COVID-19 changed my semester in so many ways. How does one cope through a pandemic? Because nothing like this has ever happened, I had to learn day by day.

As the executive director of 1910 PR, I took on more responsibilities than I already had. I had to make sure my team was okay and still ready to work. Even though our semester was cut short and our client work and event management was put on hold, 1910 PR had to find a way to continue coming together—even in this tough time.

The best way to check on a team is by communicating honestly with each of them. Even though we stopped meeting face-to-face, technology made communicating with one another much easier. Zoom was a pivotal—and simply awesome—tool during this time. We were able to meet as a team, as a class, and even one-on-one if needed.

Team check-ins helped 1910 PR immensely this spring. They helped us talk about other topics aside from work. Check-ins gave us a way to keep in touch with one another, be able to rant about what is going on in the world, and talk about our plans for when all of this is over.

As a team, we have to make sure we are all okay physically, mentally, and emotionally. These check-ins have helped our team move forward.

As a graduating senior, I am proud to say that I've learned how to lead a team through a crisis. I am proud of myself for sticking with 1910 PR and being quick on my toes to learn through and adapt to any situation. I feel prepared for the Real World and am ready to see what it has to offer!


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