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Learning To Make A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


As a newcomer into the College of Fine Arts and Humanities at West Texas A&M University, my advisor took me under her wing and placed me into a class that would hand me more opportunities than I could imagine. In 1910 PR, I have gained so much experience that I can confidently say I have a firm grasp on the expectations set for me once I begin my professional PR career.

Coming into 1910 PR, I was a self-proclaimed “expert” at graphic design. Let me tell you, I was mistaken.

Being thrown down the gauntlet of the Content Creation team was terrifying, but also amazing. With the pressure that was put onto me, I was able to not only create an immense amount of content for my portfolio but I also became exponentially more skilled in graphic design.

Following my semester as an Associate with 1910 PR, I was given the opportunity to become the Creative Director (!!!). Coming into one of the hardest and most stressful semesters of my college career, my fellow members were there to uplift me and push me to be the best Creative Director I could be.

In a semester full of doubt, I was able to be associated with an organization that had my best interests in mind.

1910 PR has shown me the trust that comes with being a hard worker. With only having experience in content creation, 1910 PR entrusted in me to help lead the Event Planning team this Fall semester. With this, I've been able to focus on external events for our clients, focusing on hospitality becoming more involved on campus. This has helped me understand event planning in a professional setting and leaving a good name for 1910 PR in the public eye.

As my last semester in 1910 PR comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on the tools it has given me to succeed in the public relations industry. 1910 PR gave me real-world experience in a classroom setting, along with connections and friendships I will carry with me far past graduation. With the professional setting that also encourages teamwork, 1910 PR has helped me become a better young professional and friend to others.



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