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On, On, Buffaloes

by Haley Jackson, Account Team Leader

As my time at West Texas comes to an end, I am beyond grateful for all of

the experiences and knowledge I have gained. From starting college as a

dance major to changing my major to advertising and public relations the

next semester.

If only Freshman Haley could see us now.

When I first came to WT, I came with the intention to transfer to Texas A&M

the next year; however, I fell in love with the school and the people.

As I began to explore my new major, I was able to find a new confidence in

myself. I wasn’t scared to go after new opportunities or push myself to try

something new.

*Cue 1910 PR entrance

For my last semester, I decided to push myself and focus on the PR side of

my major. When I joined 1910 PR, I was beyond nervous. I didn’t have

experience with journalism, and I was going in blind.

Within the first few weeks, I was assigned Team Green Lead, which was nerve wracking.

Throughout the semester, I saw myself become more and more comfortable with creating email blasts, social media posts, and leading a team.

Even though it was one semester, my time with 1910 PR has helped me grow

in my field, and I can’t wait for what comes next.



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