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Success Comes From Experience with 1910 PR


I was beyond eager for this class this semester. Jumping into class was a little intimidating but still so exciting. I knew it would be a new and beneficial experience. We did much more than you would expect.

This class has taught me so much. Working with real clients is amazing, not to mention all the awesome graphics I got to create. What I loved most about 1910 PR was the fact that it was hands-on and dealt with real-life situations.

Experience is so valuable, and I feel better prepared for my career thanks to 1910.

The leadership and other members created a friendly and positive atmosphere within the organization. I learned how to work with a professional team while also developing relationships and friendships. 1910 is made up of people who truly care about the public relations industry, and I was thrilled to be a part of it.

1910 PR made it so easy to design, research, and create anything I wanted, because of the teaching techniques I was provided. I’ve learned so much, but not enough. I can’t wait to join this class again to gain more knowledge and experience for my future career.


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