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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

by Corrin Davis, Associate

Throughout our college experience, many of our professors assign us tasks to complete individually. At times, we can refer to course materials or our textbooks, but hardly ever do we work with our classmates. 1910 PR provides students with the chance to connect with people in their class, on campus, and externally.

Almost immediately after the fall semester began, Dr. Kinsky placed us into groups that we would be working with for the remainder of the course. Each week I’ve had the chance to meet with my team to discuss client work, graphics for social media, and upcoming Distinguished Lecture Series events.

When we are not on Zoom, we maintain consistent communication through Slack to stay up-to-date with what is going on.

Though I have learned how to utilize new tools such as Slack and worked with clients— things that will benefit me later on in my career—I believe the true value of this course is human connection and getting to work with a team. Getting to be a part of something far greater than yourself is the ultimate merit, both in this class and in life. I have met some wonderful people through this process that I otherwise would have never crossed paths with.

Many different ideas and perspectives can come together to build one extraordinary creation. We are better together instead of apart. I have enjoyed getting to work with and getting to know Dr. Kinsky, Shelby, and Johnny. They have each taught me so much and contributed a great deal to 1910 PR. This class is another example of how important it is to work with a team.



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