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The Real Deal

by Claudia Hicks, 1910 PR assistant director

All students will reach the point where they ask the question. You know, the question. "Will any of this actually matter when I’m working a 9-5?" Believe me, I’ve had those moments. Especially when senioritis sets in and the finish line is just in sight. Some of us need a reminder that, actually yes, this does matter. 1910 PR was that reminder for me.

In spring 2022, I joined the 1910 PR class online. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the promise of doing real work for real clients was intriguing, exciting even. I quickly realized that this was the real deal, and I was going to have a really fun semester. I learned how to talk to clients, write bids, price my work, lead a team, and so much more. I took it a step further and applied to be on the executive board of 1910 PR, and I was selected.

This semester has been a crazy, fun, and inspiring one. I wish that I could been on staff sooner and gotten more experience, but I’m glad that the class impacted me when I most needed it. I still have a lot to learn about the business and communication world, but thanks to this experience, I know that I’ll be prepared for the learning curves.


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