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Top 3 Ways I've Grown While Working for 1910 PR


I’ve learned a lot this semester being a part of 1910 PR.

Event Coverage

Working events was a completely new concept for me. Honestly, it made me very nervous in the beginning. At my first event, I was asked to take photos, which is something that I love doing. I've been a photographer for a while now, but I wasn't aware of how different event photography could be. It's a lot more than just taking all the photos you can.

Event photography is all about capturing and telling the story of what happened—to allow someone to feel like they are in the moment even if they weren't in attendance.

Working events also taught me that I need to be more vocal and helpful. Trying more will make a better impression rather than not trying enough.

Graphic Design

Before working with 1910 PR, I didn’t know a lot about design, but this class helped me greatly improve my design skills, especially for social media. Creating graphics for client pages was my absolute favorite thing to do! I was able to put creativity into my work, which is what I have always wanted to do.

Media Writing

Writing for the media was also new to me. I'd never written a proper news release, and I had a lot to learn. Throughout the semester, the staff had a constant rotation of news releases that they were responsible for writing. Writing all those news releases really improved my AP writing skills as well with my verbal skills and interviewing skills.

Overall, this class made me step out of my comfort zone and gave me the push that I needed to grow in my field.

In the future, I hope to work with companies to help improve their social media and digital presence. The skills that I have gained in 1910 PR, ranging from design to writing, will help me succeed in any career that I pursue.



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