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Unveiling Success: Navigating the 1910 PR Firm with Grit and Glory

By Macey Francis, Associate

Author George Saunders hands an autographed book to Macey Francis
Author George Saunders & Macey Francis

Do not miss something amazing just because of fears.

I am currently in my sophomore year of college, and when I went to create

my schedule, I saw an interesting class called "1910 PR." I read about it and

added it to my schedule.

The first day I walked in, I was very intimidated and that feeling just escalated when I found out that the class was filled with juniors and seniors, and I had just switched my degree.

The first day in class horrified me when all the information was

explained, then the first assignment was getting to know my peers that I

would soon be working with as a team. I walked out of the first all-hands

meeting feeling excited but also inferior.

The human mind is our own worst enemy, and in a room full of people, it will

always make us feel inferior to others.

You don’t have to listen to that voice that tells you all the negatives. Persist and make your dreams a reality.

The first time I felt I would be okay was when I was offered the account

executive position for the Department of Communication account. I was in disbelief that I was considered and that they liked my work. From then on, I would see the positive side.

One of the class assignments was to attend the first COMMtalks of the semester. Megan Nelson, a WT alumna, spoke for our February COMMtalks session on

Zoom. The main point that I took away was that no matter your age, you can succeed with the same passion and dedication as anyone else.

I am still a human who makes mistakes and not perfect in the slightest, but I

have learned it is okay to ask for guidance and not be so scared of



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