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We Are 1910 PR

by Cailey Dinga, Associate

This semester, I had the honor of becoming part of the 1910 PR staff. This is not your typical college class and a big part of that is, it has a staff. 1910 PR gives you the ability to work hands-on with real world projects for real clients.

Not only does it teach you about design, content writing, and news releases, but it teaches you about teamwork and learning to speak up about your own ideas.

Throughout this class, I have learned more about social media and the impact it has on people. This was mainly due to the fact that it wasn’t me working by myself—I was in a group with three other girls who also had ideas and a vision for content creation.

Not only were we able to successfully run a social media account together, but we also taught each other tricks and tips for Meta Business, Trello, Canva, Slack, and copywriting. This class was entirely online, but we were still able to connect through Zoom and Slack and help each other when needed.

1910 PR gives you hands-on experience with the support of other students who share the same passion and an incredible professor who believes in you as well. It teaches you the importance of getting to know your client and who their audience is and the intent behind what you post. #PublicRelations #Tools #TechStack #Meta #Trello #Canva #Slack #Zoom



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