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You cannot create experience, you must undergo it.


Before this semester, I was extremely keen to see what I would learn and what I would take away from this public relations journey. In comparison to other PR students, I am still relatively new to this field, so I was a bit nervous about being behind the curve.

However, Dr. Kinsky made me feel so welcome and created such a smooth, engaging, and challenging atmosphere. My views and knowledge about the PR world were instantly broadened, and I began to develop a stronger passion for this field.

I began applying the lessons I learned to my own personal media platforms as well as our clients' accounts, and watched as they flourished. I learned that digital PR is one of the most effective ways to build solid online reputations.

The work that was done this semester helped boost my confidence and my abilities as a PR individual.

Lessons that I can and will take with me moving forward.

The unexpected techniques and tactics that I was taught during this semester are uncountable and truly make the difference in being successful. This internship forced me out of my comfort zone and heaved me into the ever-evolving world that is PR.

I am forever grateful for all the successes and failures because it has taught me to put myself into the unknown and take risks. It was during this internship that I realized this is the path I’m supposed to be on, no matter how challenging it might be.



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