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A Little Bit of Everything

by Abby Kate Sears, 1910 PR associate

In most college classes, you sit and listen to a lecture from a professor for an hour maybe twice a week. That’s a typical college course, and typically you have five more classes just like it. However, as I entered my senior year of college, I was able to gain real-life working experience through 1910 PR.

It feels as though college doesn't always prepare you to enter the working world. In your time as a student, your job is schoolwork. Sure, you learn deadlines, and you learn time management, and you are given opportunities to work with your peers. But you never get the opportunity to work with community members, adults, or even future employers. I was able to do all of that through 1910 PR. I got to do a little of everything — from social media campaigns, to coordinating major events, to communicating with community members and even dealing with crowd control.

I was also able to meet and network with people that I would never get the chance to meet anywhere else. The skills I’ve learned and gained throughout my last college semester are ones that I will take with me much further into my future career, and for that, I am always thankful.



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