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Social Media Knowledge and Skills in the PR World: Iron Sharpens Iron

By Deborah Hromas, 1910 PR Associate

Coming into 1910 PR and Bateman Team, I had no idea what to expect, but I brought a lot of social media expertise with me.

Deborah Hromas

I had already worked in the social media industry for a year and even freelanced and worked for some of my own clients. I had also been working for West Texas A&M University Student Affairs, posing on social media, and learning how students react to content and how to make accounts look top-notch. I didn’t ever think this would be that beneficial until class started.

Bateman Team is a national case study competition where college students run a full public relations campaign. This year, our client was the News Literacy Project, so we focused on teaching students how to stop misinformation and how to check their news sources.

As soon as we started working on Bateman, I was able to give advice on the types of things to post and what type of content draws people in. I helped our team put together six specific giveaways and took the photos for us to post so that we could gain more followers. I was also able to help with a big chunk of the writing because of the knowledge I had gained in 1910 PR and Media Writing.

When I started working in 1910 PR, I learned even more about how to work with social

media and how to use Meta Business Suite more.

Social media graphic created by Deborah Hromas to promote Aaron Mahnke's visit to WT for the Distinguished Lecture Series
Social media graphic created by Deborah Hromas

I could come up with captions quickly because of my previous work and all the lessons on writing ledes. I was able to teach others what type of hashtags work the best and even which ones make students see the posts more. I was also able to make a handful of graphics for 1910 PR because of my familiarity with doing so for my job.

Although I came in with social media skills, I left with even more. I now have a well-rounded palette of abilities that will help me succeed in the public relations world and even help me at my current job.



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