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Creating Relationships

by Natalie Martinez, Associate

Through 1910 PR, I have learned that public relations is truly about your relationship with your clients and the public.

To create content for your clients is truly an art, and I have enjoyed getting back into media communication work after being out of it for 5 years.

Because of 1910 PR I have learned how to make graphics again and learned that I really really enjoy doing it.

Although I wasn't the best at it originally, I had a great team that walked me through every step of the way, and in fact, anytime I had questions, they always, always made sure I got to my end goal. Lauren never hesitated to send me how-to-do videos, Cailey always walked us through Meta Business, and Meredith answered any of our questions relating to policies or principles for the firm. I really appreciate the team, and I couldn't thank anyone enough for helping guide me through the class.

I am grateful to have learned how to write news releases and to create/redesign graphics in Adobe Express and Canva. I actually really liked working through Slack because it was easier to notify my teammates when working on the social media posts. I will also say Trello is an amazing app to work with others on for team projects because of all the customizations!

Overall, I feel that I had a successful semester working with 1910 PR. I will use what I have learned from the firm to better my career in communications and understand graphics from a different perspective!


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