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Hitting the Ground Running


With the first semester of college under my belt, I felt ready to take on a challenge. I’d heard that the communication department offered a hands-on public relations course and decided to get involved.

On the first day of class, I found myself surrounded by returning associates and continuing executive board members who shared with me the importance of professionalism. We were told that the class would contain plenty of work and push us to create higher-level content. Not long after that, we hit the ground running to learn about our clients.

As an associate member, I was placed in the Digital Media department of the firm. It was there that I started using tools that really increased my confidence as a content creator.

I produced work, both graphic-based and written, that served more purpose than simply getting a certain grade. The work I made was going into the public eye for our clients! All during my first semester.

In addition to developing digital content, all associates were expected to work at least three events for WT’s Distinguished Lecture Series, which was one of our clients. These events were a great experience and a fun way to network and meet other peers at WT.

I spent time interacting with our client, communicating any needs or issues that needed to be resolved, and conferring with my other team members on how to remedy the request. These experiences kept me on my toes. I never knew what I would be doing on-site until I walked through the doors.

Being a part of 1910 PR gave me a glimpse into the business world of public relations. It’s been an exciting journey!



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