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The Art of Mastering Media Communication

By JoLina Lopez, 1910 PR associate

a photo collage of experiences of Bateman Team

How do you master the art of media communication? Well, it’s a trick question because media communication relates to so many different careers and clusters.

From journalism to public relations, I have used my skills and applied them this semester in order to develop my media communication mastery.

I am a digital journalism major so my classes consist of writing stories and producing audio/visual projects. However, participating in the Bateman Case Study Competition this spring was going to be a challenge like I had never faced before.

My team and I were challenged by the Public Relations Student Society of America to create a campaign for our client, the News Literacy Project. The task was daunting as someone with no prior PR campaign experience. However, my team and I created an innovative and interactive campaign.

From my experience competing in Bateman, I learned that mastering media communication involves believing in yourself. Though I am familiar with all things journalism, I had to learn the aspects of PR. I had to believe in myself and my skills.

Overall, I learned that it does not matter your major, but it matters how you contribute and work with others.

I did not have PR experience, but that did not stop me from working with the team to complete our campaign.

I would highly encourage any student who wants to learn about campaign management to join the Bateman Team. Not only will they have a campaign book to show off, but also gain valuable skills needed in any field.



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