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How I grew this semester

by Madi Zick, 1910 PR associate

As this is my second semester with 1910 PR, I was curious as to how I was going to learn more about public relations than I did in the fall. Last semester I was an assistant director and had a lot of responsibilities. This semester, I started a new position at work, so I could not continue with being an assistant director, but I learned so much just by being on the other side.

This semester, I was assigned to work on the COMM Department team, and it was interesting to see the difference. The COMM Department has a wide variety of content and I liked the different possibilities of how to share the content.

This semester, I learned how to write a bid for a client contract, use a content calendar, regularly post on a platform, and was able to grow my social media knowledge.

One major takeaway I had this semester was to be creative and use a lot of emojis. Our team decide when and what to post caption wise. We found that using emojis did well when looking at our analytics, and I will definitely remember that going forward in my career!

I am very thankful for 1910 PR these past two semesters and all that I have learned while working with some amazing people.



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