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Make the Jump into 1910 PR

by Lauren Tice, Account Team Leader

It is finally time to say goodbye to West Texas A&M University, as I graduate this Saturday.

That is weird to think about as I’ve had the craziest college experience from shutting down because of COVID-19 to transferring to another university and then transferring back to WT.

During my first couple of semesters, I was very shy and did anything in my power to not put myself out there—experiences, organizations, all of it. I attended class and did my work and that was about it.

Throughout a couple of my courses, some of my professors mentioned 1910 PR to me thinking I would be a great addition to the staff. Now, being the shy person I was, I pushed that opportunity away up until my second-to-last semester at WT when I decided to intern at the firm and see what it was all about.

After my experience and guidance from the professor, I decided that because I’m scared of this opportunity, it means I have to do it.

So I enrolled in 1910 PR my last semester of college, and let me tell you, it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.

The course was completely online. As we had multiple members not located in the Canyon/Amarillo area, we communicated on Zoom and Slack.

Within the actual client work, my three other team members, Meredith, Cailey and Natalie, and I were assigned to oversee and create content for the 1910 PR social media accounts. This was scary at first, because with my previous experience managing a social media account, I told myself I didn’t want to do it ever again. As soon as my group and I started connecting and creating, it was actually so much fun; having four brains come up with ideas rather than one made a difference, and it shows on the social accounts. Not only did we create on-brand content, we got to help with other client projects, like the Distinguished Lecture Series, which made every meeting eventful.

My time at the firm was short, but so worth it. I gained more experience with social media, made connections with other members, and I ended my college career with a bang! If anyone reading this is nervous to join 1910 PR because you think you don’t have the skill set or because it’s not a normal course… take it from me and make the jump — you won’t regret it.


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