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A Place to use our Skills

by Shannon Denney, Account Team Leader

When I started with 1910 PR, I had no clue what I was getting into. One of the first questions I was asked is, “What is PR?” To be honest with you, I did not have a single clue. The next thing I know is that we are working with clients and helping them maintain their online image and presence with the public.

As we dove into working with our various clients, I started to realize that 1910 PR was going to be something special.

I had the pleasure of diving in and putting my all into helping with the firm as I was placed into the role of Account Team Director for Team Orange/Busy Bees. As the Account Team Director, I learned how to lead and support my team. Organizing and gathering feedback as well as following up with my peers were some of the tasks I had the pleasure to lead on. The extra experience and insight being in a leadership role taught me valuable skills to use in my future endeavors.

As we started working with clients, I began to realize the importance of a company’s image and the role public relations plays within the market. Working with my teammates to brainstorm strategies, craft news releases, and post on social media, taught me skills that will take me into the next steps of my career.

Each week our firm is tasked with new challenges and each week my teammates and I brainstorm solutions. 1910 PR provided my peers and me a place to use our communication and media skills. Throughout this semester with 1910 PR, I have been blessed to have hands-on experience with working on assignments for our clients.

If you are considering joining 1910 PR, I would tell you to take the jump. I was overwhelmed my first week and very shortly became invested and engaged in the firm. Try something new as you never know where this may take you.

As a working young professional, I never understood the value PR can have in any industry until joining this firm. The lessons and skills that I have acquired will stick with me as I continue in my professional journey.

So what are the key takeaways? First, PR is an important aspect to any company, and understanding the importance of PR is critical to being successful in any future job you may have. Secondly, the skills you learn from hands-on experience is critical to being successful in any job as you learn vital communication skills.

In conclusion, 1910 PR has been a wonderful experience, and I would recommend the firm to any individual wanting to grow their communication skills. #grow #PR #HandsOnExperience #communication #professional #media #image #leadership


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