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New Friends and Great Experiences


One of the biggest blessings I’ve received while being part of 1910 PR is the real-world experience we get from the class. Coming into the course, I had very little knowledge about how a PR firm runs. With all the client work we have done throughout the semester, I’ve been able to gain an experience I would have never had if I wouldn’t have taken the class. For example, setting up and working events was something new that I’ve never done before.

On a similar note, the people I’ve had the opportunity to work with are second to none. While getting to reconnect with old faces, the number of friends I have made and new people I’ve interacted with have made my time in 1910 PR that much better. Also, the executive board members are one of the biggest reasons for such a well-run student firm.

The things I’ve learned while being part of 1910 PR have become crucial as I get closer to graduation.

From writing news releases to making graphics to promote an event, the experience I’ve gained in the class has been beneficial.



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