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The "Why"


I thought joining 1910 PR would be an interesting way to get a few of the credits that I still needed to complete, and a few of my friends were involved with the firm and spoke highly of it.

Even with all of the rave reviews, I was pleasantly surprised!

I’ve taken public relations classes before but working for an actual firm provided a very different education and experience that you can’t get by just taking a class. I wholeheartedly believe that student-run organizations uniquely provide the why for what we do.

In most classes, you learn how things are done, but in putting those principles to use in a real-world situation, you get to see why it’s important to do it that way.

1910 PR has been especially important to me because it’s helped me see that public relations might be the career path I want to take. Working with this team, I’ve combined all the learning objectives and skills I’ve acquired in my classes and experiences with past student organizations—such as designing, writing news releases, planning and working events, handling social media pages, and managing client relationships.

I am disappointed that in the middle of our busiest month for the firm in March 2020, the global COVID-19 pandemic reached the Texas Panhandle and forced our clients to cancel or reschedule all events for the rest of the semester because that removed a large portion of our jobs. However, dealing with a situation like this has been a unique experience that I feel will help us in the future, including unexpected crisis communication experience.

I’ve been selected to serve as an Assistant Director for the firm during the Fall 2020 semester, and I can’t wait to see all of the new opportunities I'll have to grow both professionally and personally!


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